10 Things Shania Twain Does Before Every Show – You Won’t Believe

There’s no doubting the powerhouse talent that is Shania Twain. With a glittering career that has spanned decades, the Queen of Country Pop knows a thing or two about prepping for the stage. But have you ever wondered about the rituals and routines that keep her grounded and in the zone? We’ve delved behind the curtain to unveil the top 10 things Shania does before every show. And trust us, number five is quite the revelation!

1. Vocal Warm-ups: Like any seasoned performer, Shania begins with a series of vocal exercises. She typically starts with humming and scales, then moves on to specific lines from her songs.

2. Meditation: To calm her nerves and center herself, Shania spends a quiet moment meditating. This helps her connect with the music and anticipate the energy of the audience.

3. Essential Oils: Believe it or not, Shania is a big believer in the power of aromatherapy. A drop of lavender oil behind each ear, and she’s all set to embrace the stage with tranquility.

4. A Quick Jog: To get her blood pumping and shake off any jitters, Shania often goes for a short run around the venue. It’s a great way to familiarize herself with her surroundings and get a feel of the place.

**5. Socks Ritual: Now here’s the shocker! Shania puts on a brand-new pair of socks before every performance. Not just any socks, but white, cotton, knee-high socks. She believes they bring her luck and have become an essential part of her pre-show routine.

6. Reviewing the Setlist: While she’s been singing some of these songs for years, Shania always takes a moment to review the night’s setlist. It’s a way for her to mentally prepare and visualize the performance.

7. Herbal Tea: To soothe her throat and ensure her vocals are pitch-perfect, Shania sips on a special blend of herbal tea. Chamomile, honey, and lemon are her go-to ingredients.

8. Connecting with the Band: Shania always takes a few minutes to huddle with her band. They share a few laughs, offer words of encouragement, and get in sync for the show ahead.

9. Moment of Gratitude: Just before stepping onto the stage, Shania closes her eyes and reflects on her journey. It’s her way of expressing gratitude for her talent, her team, and her fans.

10. The Signature Pose: If you’ve been to a Shania concert, you might have noticed her striking a signature pose right before her opening song. Arms outstretched, head held high, it’s her way of embracing the audience and the universe.

There you have it, the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the pre-show rituals of the one and only Shania Twain. From essential oils to brand-new socks, it’s a fascinating mix of the expected and the downright quirky. But as we’ve seen time and time again, whatever Shania is doing, it’s working. She remains an unmatched force in the world of music. Here’s to many more incredible shows!






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